Juterug 70x200
Juterug 70x200

Juterug 70x200

Villa Collection
Limited amount of product
79,90 €

Perfect for example in the hallway, living room or even on the terrace.

Size: 70x200 cm
Material: 70% jute / 30% cotton
Brand: Villa Collection

Please note that natural jute may smell at the beginning and whenever it is treated with water. However, the scent dissolves on drying.

How to care your juterug:

Hoover the rug regularly.
Remove stains immediately.
Carefully remove solid dirt with a knife etc. and then lightly brush it.
Absorb liquid stains on a cloth or kitchen towel without rubbing.
Don't try different cleaners at the same time.
When cleaning the rug, soak it as little as possible to avoid possible shrinkage of the fabric.

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